Plessis-Panet terrace

Located in Montreal’s Centre-Sud district, Plessis-Panet Terrace completes the southern half of a city block left vacant by demolition.  A six-storey housing block facing a commercial street and lower buildings on two side streets are organized around a landscaped garden.

The project seeks to create a quality residential environment by reinforcing the particular experience of each of its three streetscapes and the interior garden. Housing blocks on the two side streets are composed of transversal walk-up units that benefit from street life on one side and the privacy of the interior garden on the other. The six storey building is conceived as an apartment block with an elevator and a central lobby opening on the commercial street.   Rising above neighbouring buildings to mark the end of the city block, the apartment block offers views of the Montreal skyline and the Saint Lawrence River.

Plessis-Panet Terrace is located adjacent to an historic grey-stone church.  Buffed concrete block similar in colour and patina to the church is used to finish the street facades of all three buildings.  Street facades are sober and flat and emphasise vertical openings. Interior facades tumble to the ground as a series of red brick volumes and terraces designed to embrace the vegetation and greenery of the garden.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
52 Condominium Units
Martin Sacksner / André Nault
Design Phase
Affleck de la Riva Architectes
Design Architect
Gavin Affleck and Richard de la Riva
Project Architect
Gavin Affleck
Project Team
Marc-André Plourde, Alexandre Cassiani
Structural Engineer
Pasquin St. Jean
Mechanical - Electrical Engineer
Pasquin St. Jean