Médéric-Martin Swimming Facility

Located near Frontenac Metro station, the park Médéric-Martin marks an important civic axis. The park is cared for by engaged citizens and community groups who advocate for the improvement of its installation and the maintenance of a diversified activity schedule.

The project is inserted in a liner site with a strong urban sense. The existing pavilion caps off the end of a long perspective across the park from Hochelaga Street. The restauration of the pavilion aims to revive some of the original features of the building, notably refurbish openings that are obstructed. The addition of two new construction perpendicular to the existing building frames the perspective and create a secure environment for the wading pool.

The principal access to the pavilion is repositioned in the axis of the pedestrian promenade. A wide gate marks the entrance of the wading pool; the access extends all the way to a new central staircase. In accordance with the public place at the north of the park, the stairway offers a gathering space for the bathers. The walls of the new changing rooms and of the pergola respect the proportions and materiality of the existing pavilion.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wading pool and swimming facility
City of Montreal - Arrondissement Ville Marie