Pelican Park Pavilion

Pelican Park is a medium size neighborhood park located in the borough of Rosemont – La Petite Patrie. The park is adjacent to the popular Rue Masson. The obsolescence of the previous park pavilion triggered the need to create a new chalet that would offer comfortable shelter to the users of the park.

The formal expression of the building explores the continuity of space from inside to outside. The extension of the roof beyond the perimeter of the building marks an extension of architecture in the public space. The continuity of the materials, notably of wooden planks, emphasizes the continuity of interior and exterior spaces. Integrated to the roof overhang is a delicate lattice that projects a dynamic shadow on the building’s facade.

The building is certified LEED by the Canada Green Building Council, this distinction highlights the environmental preoccupations that were considered throughout the conception and design of the building.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Park Chalet
City of Montreal – Arrondissement of Rosemont – La Petite Patrie
Affleck de la Riva architects
Design Architect
Richard de la Riva
Project Architect
Marie-Élaine Gibeault
Project Team
Marcela Sepulveda, Serge Gascon